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Who is this for?

Summerana Academy was developed with a wide range of people in mind. We specifically wanted to create a course to help photographers and photo editors grow their skillset at any level.

For Photographers..

If you're a photographer, we have tutorials ranging from helping you learn the basics of handling your camera to advanced lighting and LightRoom editing tips and tools to help make your photos stand out.

For Creative Professionals...

If you're a creative professional or are just wanting to delve into photo editing for the first time, we have hundreds of tools available, for you to use including overlays, Photoshop brushes, Photoshop actions and much more. Each tool comes with it's own tutorial to guide you through every step.

For the more advanced students, we even have full compositing workshops for those who want to really take their editing skills to the next level and create something truly unique and beautiful.

*30+ Summerana Resident Instructors from Around the World Edit

Here at Summerana, we not only offer a vast array of Photoshop products but additionally boast a team of 30+ resident instructors to guide, teach, and inspire you along the way. Our resident instructors are not only some of the finest industry leaders in the photographic world, but we also hand pick them for their kindness and comradery. Our platform is built on community and the friendships we build along the way.

*Please note that not all 30 residents are included in the free membership. To access all 30+ instructors, please check out our All Access Membership.


At Summerana we believe in bringing you the best of the best. That includes not only our vast library of workshops, tutorials and products... but also an amazing creative team to bring those products to you! Our resident instructors are all hand picked... for their talents, but also for their kind hearted attitude in the photography community.

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Access the following immediately when you become a Summerana student:

  • Instantly stream a collection of limited editing tutorials & workshops in our Free Membership
  • Learn how to edit using Photoshop and Lightroom tools provided to you as well as hand editing
  • Instant access to download an array of sample Photoshop and Lightroom products, including actions, presets, overlays, and more that you can keep forever
  • Beginner and professional friendly
  • Access to one on one help, a group for photographers, and amazing support
  • Learn all the secrets of the trade, compositing, retouching, and more from beginner to professional levels

Not only will we show you how to create masterpieces, but you'll also receive the Photoshop and Lightroom products used in each workshop to keep forever!


MODULE 1: Learning Your Gear

Ready to dive into photography and amp up your skills? Here you can learn all about your camera, how to use it and the basics of photography.

MODULE 2: Shooting Basics

Learn everything you need to know about shooting and posing. In this module we will be adding workshops all about getting your shots perfect in camera. From shooting in different light, to posing perfection.

Module 3: Learning Your Software

Learn everything you need to know in Photoshop, Lightroom, PSE, and ACR including how to upload your products, how to use the different tools in your software and more.

MODULE 4: Portrait & Editing Basics

Edit your images from start to finish using Photoshop actions and hand editing. Everything from basic image editing to dreamy. Skin, eyes, hair and makeup, and more.

MODULE 5: Portrait & Editing Advanced

Learn how to turn ordinary images into art as we walk you through our editing from start to finish in these fine art & painterly editing workshops.

MODULE 6: Composite Editing Basics

If you want to get creative, this is the place to be! Learn the basics of compositing using overlays, digital backgrounds and so much more.

MODULE 7: Composite Editing Advanced

Learn how to turn ordinary images into art as we walk you through our editing from start to finish in these composite editing workshops.

Worried about compatibility?

Ensuring compatibility is very important. That's why this bundle supports the use of:


Photoshop CS2 and Up

Creative Cloud

Mac and PC

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 11+

Supports Overlays and Textures

Overlays, logos, templates, etc. can all be used in software other than Photoshop as long as layers are supported (such as GIMP which is free). Overlays can also be used in Lightroom 4-6 and CC only if utilizing the plugin ON1 Photo 10.

Get instant access to a wide array of tutorials, actions, presets, overlays, and more! we've ever released and to all new releases

Are you ready start creating amazing works of art?

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