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Light Chaser - Light & Airy Lightroom & ACR Preset Collection

Everything you need for the perfect daily light & airy workflow is all wrapped up for you in one place in the Light Chaser - Light & Airy Lightroom & ACR Preset Collection.

Ideal for all kinds of seasons and sessions including weddings, beach sessions, engagements, maternity sessions, family, children, senior sessions, etc.

You can choose to go for a light & airy look or even a moodier look simply by adjusting the settings (we show you how to tweak them in the included Lightroom video tutorial and ACR video tutorial). 

Included in this collection are 50+ editing presets and adjustment brushes which include the following:

  • 22 Exposure Presets: Quickly set your image up for success by finding the perfect exposure to get your image ready for it's light & airy look. 
  • 27 Base Presets: Give your image the perfect base to start with. You can opt for a moodier look, or a gorgeous light & airy look. Each preset is adjustable so you can find that perfect look. There are plenty to choose from so you can be sure to find one that works for each image. There are presets made for the beach, studio, weddings, and more. Additionally, we show you in our Lightroom tutorial how you can add even more customization and oomph to each image by mixing and matching base presets, adjusting the opacity by using the fader plugin, and more. 
  • 7 Light Presets: After you have found your favorite preset recipe base, you can further adjust your image with different light presets such as adding toning pops, hazy light, recovering highlights, and adjusting shadows. 
  • 13 Color Presets: Tweak your image's toning and white balance further by playing these color presets. You can adjust your greens by playing the faded greens or soft greens presets, add a color pop to your image, get creamier skin tones, brighten your whites, warm up your skintones, adjust your overall warmth and coolness, choose cloudy white balance, daylight white balance, and more. 
  • 5 Add on Presets: Turn your image into black and white, add sharpness and texture, grain, or soften your entire image for a fine art look. These add ons allow you to complete your final look. 
  • Tools: Helping presets including reset, level and more for a faster workflow.
  •  10 Adjustment Brushes (only compatible for Lightroom Classic): Further customize your images by using the light & airy adjustment brushes. These make it possible so you can edit certain areas of your image only. For example you can use the Open Shadows adjustment brush to lighten your eyes, Whiten to whiten your whites (eyes, teeth, clothing, etc.), Lens Blur to get a creamy background, etc.

There are both XMP and LRTEMPLATE files. 

Also included are video tutorials on how to edit your image from start to finish using your new light & airy presets and adjustment brushes in Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). 

This collection is compatible for Lightroom 4-5, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom Cloud CC, and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). 

Images courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography, Melanie Bess Photography, and Pamela Salai Photography