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Golden Hour Maternity Shooting and Editing Tutorial

Summerana instructor Deborah Koch shows you her step-by-step process for scouting, posing, and shooting to achieve spectacular golden hour maternity photos. Plus editing tutorial to turn your images into a fine art portrait.

In this two part tutorial you will learn how to:

  • How she chooses location to achieve her desired look
  •  Posing tips & prompts, what to do vs what not to do to achieve flattering curves and shapes
  • Camera settings with explanations as to her choices 
  •  Shooting position - how she positions herself to avoid common mistakes
  • Backlighting
  • Use Lightroom tools to best enhance critical details
  • Clone stamp to remove distracting elements
  • Brush tool to blend different natural elements and colors
  • Liquify to shape the body, hair, and gown
  • Curves to darken the background making the subject pop and soften image
  • Levels to pull highlights to subject and brighten skin
  • Hue & saturation with solid color layer to alter grass color
  • Selective color to add rich color to backlight
  • Patch tool to remove wrinkles on gown
  • Summerana skin soft action to smooth skin
  • Dodge & Burn through levels & curves to add depth
  • Dodge tool to brighten magical light in background
  • Selective color to alter dress color
  • Summerana sun flare to add beautiful light

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