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Please first read the below for help with commonly asked questions. If you would like further assistance, we are more than happy to help! Simply email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. 


  • How do I navigate my Summerana Library? Where are my downloads?

We have created a members walkthrough for you to follow here. There is also a product and video index here

  • What is an action?

An action is a series of steps recorded in Photoshop. Actions can enhance photos, change the look of an image, and even compile your photos into templates, and more. Actions are shortcuts designed to save photographers time.

  • What are presets?

Presets are a series of steps recorded in Lightroom software. They can enhance photos, change the look of an image and more. Presets are shortcuts designed to save photographers time.

  • What is the difference between an action and a preset?

Actions work in Photoshop and Elements while presets work only in Lightroom. 

  • Are your products compatible with my editing software?

Overlays, Logos, Templates, etc.:

Overlays, logos, templates, etc. can all be used in both Photoshop (all versions) and Photoshop Elements (all versions) as well as software other than Photoshop as long as layers are supported. Overlays can also be used in Lightroom if utilizing the plugin ON1 Photo 10.
If you are interested in ON1 Photo 10 for Lightroom, they offer a 60 day free trial for new users. You can see more details on their website here.

Photoshop Actions: 

Our actions have been tested and are compatible with English versions of Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC (Creative Cloud) and Photoshop Elements 11-18+ and work with both PC and MAC computers. No actions, however, are compatible with the software sold through the Mac Apple store. All action collection product pages on our website will state which editing software they are compatible, be sure to check this before you purchase as it might change. If you aren't sure if a product is compatible with your software, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you with this.

If you are interested in Photoshop CC, Adobe offers a free 30 day trial of the latest version of Photoshop. You can subscribe to CC for as low as $9.99/month! You can see more details on their website here.

If you are interested in using Photoshop Elements instead, Adobe also offers a free 30 day trial as well, and offers its software at a great price. You can view the Photoshop Elements software details here.

Lightroom Presets:

Our Lightroom presets have been tested and are compatible with English versions of Lightroom 4-6, CC. Some brushes might not be compatible for Lightroom 4, but it will be noted on the product page if that is the case. All Lightroom collection product pages on our website will state which editing software they are compatible, be sure to check this before you purchase as it might change. If you aren't sure if a product is compatible with your software, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you with this.

If you are interested in Lightroom CC, Adobe offers a free 30 day trial of the latest version of Lightroom. You can subscribe to CC for as low as $9.99/month! You will also get Photoshop CC with this subscription. You can see more details on their website here.

  • Do you include font files with my template purchases?

Due to copyright issues we cannot distribute the font files ourselves. However, there are links available to you in some templates to download. You can find the link in the text section of your template file. Simply double click the layer title and copy and paste the link into your browser.


  • Will my results look like the images on your website?

All results will be relatively different depending on several factors such as lighting in your image, your monitor calibration, and how you customize each action, template, etc.

  • How long are my download links available? How many times can I download them?

From the date of purchase, you will have 30 days access to our library, videos, and downloads. Within that timeframe you can download your products as often as you need to.

If you sign up as a monthly subscriber, you'll have unlimited access until cancelled.

We advise that you download all of your goodies asap, and back them up so you never lose them.


  • Is there a way to download everything all at once?

Unfortunately there is no way to download all of your downloads at once. Each product must be downloaded separately to minimize downloading time, server space, as well as to prevent having to also download links for products you might not need (such as duplicates, or for example, PSE products if you only have PS software) thus taking up too much unnecessary space on your hard drive. There is no possible way, unfortunately, to offer such huge files (and so many of them) in one zipped file. 

  • How much space will the zipped files take up on my computer?

Templates, brushes, actions, and logo's are all small files and do not take up much space. The large files, are the ones that contain large images (png/jpeg), which tend to take up more space and have a longer downloading time depending on your internet speed. 341 MB is around the largest file in our shop.

You will find, however, that you might not need to download every file. There are both Photoshop (PS) and Photoshop Elements (PSE files) and if you only use one type of software, you might have no use for the other version. You might also not want to download every product depending on what you might need for your business (for example, you might not have a use for multiple logos if you already have one).


  • Can I transfer my files to a new computer? Or have them on more than one computer?

We recommend keeping your files on more than one computer so you'll always have a backup of your products. You can also back them up in cloud storage, or a external hard drive where you can transfer them later if something should happen to your computer.

You can also simply download one set of each onto one computer, and download another of each on your second computer if that is easier for you, just as long as you are the sole user of your purchased products and aren't sharing them with other users as stated in our terms of use and copyright policy. You may NOT "share" your account with other users. This will be tracked and we will be alerted if this happens and we will take further actions needed. 


  • Can my downloads be shipped in the mail on a CD or Flash Drive?

Unfortunately cannot provide any downloads on a CD or flash drive in the mail as we are not set up to deliver physical products. Each product can be, however, downloaded separately to minimize downloading time. You may also not need to download everything (for example, you may not need PSE products if you only have PS software). 

  • Is Your Website Secure?

We take website security issues very seriously and we use the latest industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your personal information. Please notice the small pad-lock icon in the locked position that will appear in the lower- right corner or upper-right corner of your browser during each of the pages of the checkout process.


  • How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your monthly subscription, you must either log into your account and cancel, or log into the business/bank account you have subscribed with to cancel. If you need further help with cancelling, please contact us and we will assist you. 

  • Where can I change my credit card info? 

    To change your credit card info, simply click your profile, go to settings, then at the top you will see "credit card info" where you can change it. 

  • When will my Subscription payment renew?

Your subscription will renew on the calendar day you subscribed on every month unless you have cancelled it beforehand.

  • How do I receive new products if I have a monthly subscription?

If you are subscribed to a monthly subscription, any new products will be added directly to your Library. 

  • What is the difference between the one-time bundle and monthly membership/subscription?

We have two options available in our shop, a one-time bundle and an on-going monthly membership/subscription.

With the one-time bundle, you'll receive everything that is listed on the description page but will not receive future products that are released.

With the on-going monthly subscription you'll pay a one-time signup fee then the monthly fee each month afterwards to continue getting all of our future products. You may cancel your subscription at any time but once you do you will lose access to your products, so be sure to download and save them all before cancelling.


  • How do I Unzip my Files?

A zipped file is what all products are first downloaded as onto your computer. This keeps them all in place and organized for when you are ready to dive into your product's individual folders.

A zip file is sometimes called an "archive" file. The zip file itself is really just a container... it holds the real files inside it. The purpose behind the zip file is transportation and storage. The zip file acts like a ziploc sandwich bag - it holds contents inside for easy transporting and storage. This makes zip files very valuable to file sharers and downloaders. 

A zip file achieves three things: It bundles one or more files into a single container file. It compresses (archives) its contents to be as much as 90% smaller size.

  • Does my computer come with software to unzip my files? 

Most computers come with unzipping/extracting software, but if it does not you can download free unzipping programs online specific for your operating system. A recommended unzip program for PC is 7zip, and a recommended one for Mac is YemuZip. 

Check out this great article on how to unzip on a MAC computer

  • How do I unzip my files?

To unzip your file you must right click each individual zipped file, then select 'extract all' or 'unzip' as shown in the screenshot below:


Next it might give you the option to choose where you want your extracted folders to go. Be sure you know where you zip file has been saved on your computer so you can easily find it later. You might also have the option to open your extracted files right away after the extraction is complete in a new window.

Here is a full step by step screenshot:


Once you have located your unzipped folders, they should look similar to this:


Clicking on the individual folders will take you to the different file types that need to be uploaded. Each collection type (actions, brushes, templates, etc.) will need to be uploaded separately. You can see how to upload your different file types here.



  • How do I Install my different collections/files in Photoshop?

After you have unzipped your files, they should look similar to this depending on which collection you have downloaded:


Clicking on the individual folders will take you to the different file types that need to be uploaded. Each collection type (actions, brushes, templates, overlays, etc.) will need to be uploaded separately into Photoshop and Photoshop Elements as they contain different file types (PSD, PNG, ABR, ATN, etc.). They cannot all be uploaded the same way.

To open templates (PSD), logo's (PSD), posters (PSD), or individual overlays (PNG, JPEG), you simply need to go to File>open.

To further help, there are instructional layers in each of the templates/overlays, and most actions contain 'stops' which are messages that help you along the way as your play your actions. Some collections will even contain actions that help you apply your overlays directly to your images.
Here is how to intall your Photoshop Elements actions using the Action Player:


If you still cannot upload your files correctly, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you with this.


  • Why do I get the pop up `Could not complete your request because it is not the right document` when trying to upload a file into Photoshop?

When you get the pop up, "Could not complete your request because it is not the right document" it might mean certain files are being uploaded the incorrect way. For example,Photoshop might be telling you it cannot find the atn files (actions) if you are trying to upload a psd file (such as a logo or template) into the action palette. If you are seeing the files in your folders but not when you try to upload them, then this confirms they are just not being opened in the correct palette.

Each collection type (actions, brushes, templates, etc.) will need to be uploaded separately.

  • What can I do if my hard drive crashes or I lose my downloads?

We understand how devastating this can be, especially if you use our products daily. We offer a free replacement of any purchase as long as you are able to provide proof of purchase. You can email us with your proof of purchase at [email protected] We recommend backing up your collections to keep your files secure no matter what.

  • I am getting an `Error 1 (or 2)` when I try to unzip my file on my MAC computer?

You may encounter one of the following errors when trying to unzip your files on a mac computer when you do not have enough space to expand your file:

“Unable to expand "{my file}" into "{my folder}".

(Error 2 - No such file or directory.)”

“Unable to expand "{my file}" into "{my folder}".

(Error 1 - Operation not permitted.)”
"Reasons of unzip files on Mac error 1 or 2: 

Typically, you receive 'unable to expand zip file Mac error 2 or 1' due to lack of folder permission where you are expanding the file. You may not have assigned correct location to expand the file. The unzip error Mac also occurs if there is not enough free disk space to expand the file.

Fix unzip error Mac: 
In order to expand zipped files on Mac, you should make sure that you have appropriate permission on both zipped file and destination folder. You also need to feed correct location where you are expanding the zipped file. You should make sure that there is enough free space on Mac hard disk to perform the operation. If you are to expand about 200MB file then there must be at least 400MB free disk space for successful unzip operation."

You can see instructions on how to check your computer's memory here. Be sure to free up some space, then try to unzip your file again.


  • What can I do if I'm having problems with my download link/file?

If you are finding that your files do not look like zipped files, or they are not opening correctly, your files may be corrupt (usually due to different operating systems on different computers). There are a few things you can try which almost always clears the problem up. You can try downloading under a different browser (I hear chrome works the best), try clearing your computer's cookies and then try downloading again, or you can try turning off any firewall that may be potentially preventing it from downloading properly.

Please also note, a few of our files will be larger and will take longer to download. Please be sure to wait until it has completely finished downloading before trying to open it to prevent corrupting the file.If you are still having problems with the link please send us a message to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you. Please be sure to explain in as much detail as possible of the trouble you are experiencing, as well as attach any screenshots you may have to your email.


  • Why do I get the pop up "Could not save (template) because the file is locked?"

This might pop up occasionally when you are trying to 'Save' over the template after editing it. To fix this problem, simply 'Save as' instead under a different name/different folder on your computer.


  • Where should I print my templates?

We recommend using a professional lab for optimal printing results! Always preview your final print product before completing your lab order to make sure everything is perfect. We use Millers Lab specs for our templates. 

  • "I just see an instructional layer in my PSD file, help!"

Some of our products have text layers in the PSD file which are the instruction layers. This is here to help you use the product, and it is meant to be deleted/hidden before editing/flattening your file. To hide this layer you can simply click the layer "eyes" to hide it, or to delete it, you can drag the layers to the trash bin. Here is a screenshot showing how hide your layers:

  • How do I customize my new logo?

If you open your psd logo file in Photoshop, you'll notice there is a Guide layer which has your instructions. After reading the instructions on how to edit your logo, you'll need to hide this layer by clicking the eye or you can drag the layer to the trash bin. To edit your text and colors, you'll need to double click the 'T' on your text layer, and double click the color box that is clipped to your logo design.


When you are done customizing your logo, make sure your logo layer is selected, then go to File>Merge to merge all of your text, colors, design to one layer that can then be dragged onto your images. Feel free to delete any other hidden layers to clean up your final psd file. You may save your logo (make sure the background is still transparent, do not flatten your logo) as a png, or keep it as a psd file.


  • What are layer masks and how do I use them?

Layer masks are an alternative to the Eraser Tool in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. If you see a layer mask attached to your layer, you can use it to reveal or conceal your layer without erasing it for good. A white layer mask reveals, a black layer mask conceals. You use the black paint brush on the white layer mask to "erase" (conceal) and a white paint brush on a black layer mask to "paint" (reveal). If you make a mistake you can switch your paint brush and paint it back. Remember to double click your layer mask so you do not paint on your actual image.


  • "How come my overlay files do not pop up for me like they do in your video tutorial?"

Some overlay collections will contain actions that help you apply your overlays directly to your images. This can make your overlay application process pretty speedy. But what happens when your overlays don't pop up for you? Where are they? When your action prompts your software to locate your overlay to place onto your image, it may not open immediately to the 'correct' folder. Your computer has no way of telling exactly which folder to open, and this is out of reach for a Photoshop action to instruct. Instead, you will need to locate the overlay folder on your computer. The reason the overlays pop up for us right away in some of our video tutorials, is because our computer is set to open the folder that was last opened. We set it this way in our tutorial so that the viewer (you!) will not have to watch us sift through personal folders to find the one we are looking for. We do not mean to cause confusion, but rather speed up the video tutorial time.In order to have your overlays 'pop up' for you, you will need to locate the overlay folder on your computer (the location where you sent it after unzipping), and open it. If you cannot remember where you prompted your computer to extract your zipped file, you can try checking your 'downloads' folder, or you can manually enter the collection name (or 'Summerana') in your search bar. You can also learn how to organize your Photoshop files so that they are easier for you to find on your computer, and shorten your time when searching for each folder. Once you have placed your overlay, your computer should be able to 'remember' the last folder you were working out of, and it should open it from then on until you open a different folder.

Note: This process works for all files, when you are uploading them into your Photoshop software. This includes your Photoshop (ABR) brushes, (PSD) templates, (ATN) action files and your client images.


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