Timeless Textures - Photoshop Texture Overlay and Action Collection

Create gorgeous texture in your images with 35+ texture overlays and Photoshop actions. Included are also two video tutorials that show you everything you need to know on how apply and edit your textures both by hand and by using the included Photoshop actions.

Ever dreamed of adding more oopmh to your images but never knew how to? How about setting the mood of the image? 

With this texture overlay and action collection you'll be able to do just that! Each texture adds a stunning effect and mood to your image.

Some of these special textures were hand painted by my daughters, Summer and Liliana.

You'll be able to effortlessly customize everything from the color, texture, brightness, vignetting, and more for the most amazing results with the included action collection.

Included in this collection are the following:

  • 36 texture overlays - there are both color and black and white versions of each texture. There are painterly textures, grunge textures, fine art textures, vintage textures, and more. 
  • 10 texture overlay editing actions, including actions that do almost ALL the work for you and allows you to apply your texture using the texture applicator action, customize everything from the color, texture, brightness, vignetting, and more for the most amazing results. Photoshop Tools including web resizing, sharpening for the web and more are also included for a faster workflow. 
  • 2 video tutorials - included are two video tutorials, one that shows how to apply and edit your textures using the included Photoshop action sets (both PS and PSE) and another video tutorial that shows how to do it all by hand. 

This collection is compatible with Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC+ and Photoshop Elements 11-18+

Note: Some composite before and after images may have been further edited using other Summerana products, hand edits, or other elements from other vendors/photographers. Only the products listed on this page are included with this product.

Display product images are courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography, Christine Noelle Photography, Jillian Varnea Photography, Geniann Elliott Photography, and L. Wink Photography