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Summerana's All Access Photography Membership

Premium editing tools & education including Photoshop actions, overlays, Lightroom presets, editing workshops, digital backgrounds & more by owner Grace Pamela and 18+ Summerana resident instructors from around the world.

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How efficient are you in Photoshop and Photography?

If the answer isn't a 10... then this is for you.

If your experience with Photography and Photoshop is anything like mine, you've probably asked yourself if there is an easy way to get creative edits in Photoshop that help you stand out.

Many photographers go out and shoot the best sessions of their careers and get home only to battle with their computers to save what seemed to be amazing images in camera that look completely different when they're loaded in Lightroom or Photoshop.

When I started down this journey to help other photographers that had these same struggles, I realized that consistency and being able to create something that stands out among my industry was the key to success. 

That's why I've created this resource and it's like NOTHING that has ever been created or experienced before. 

 Not only will you get hundreds of instant downloadable actions, overlays, presets, brushes, marketing templates, logos, digital backdrops, etc. but you will also get full access to editing workshops taught by both me and by our very talented resident teacher, Shannon Squires of Shannon Squires Photography.

These workshops not only teach you how to edit by hand, but also how to edit using the included products! 

As one of our members, you'll gain full access to all of our secrets and goodies for around the clock learning and creating. 

No more wasting time looking for all the products you need or where to learn all the secrets of the trade. You'll find them all in one place. 

Xoxo, Grace Pamela

 Included in your All Access Membership

  • Instantly stream editing workshops taught by Grace Pamela and 18+ Summerana resident instructors from around the world
  • Professional Photoshop and Lightroom tools
  • Learn how to edit using Photoshop and Lightroom tools provided to you as well as hand editing
  • Instant access to download thousands of Photoshop and Lightroom products, including actions, presets, digital backgrounds, overlays, marketing templates, logos, brushes, and more that you can keep forever
  • Beginner and professional friendly
  • Access to one on one help, a group for photographers, and amazing support
  • Learn all the secrets of the trade, compositing, retouching, and more from beginner to professional levels
  • NEW products, video tutorials, and editing workshops are added monthly
Get unlimited access to the following immediately:
  • 1,500+ Photoshop overlays
  • 600+ Photoshop actions
  • 120+ digital backgrounds
  • 70+ editing workshop/tutorial videos
  • 130+ Photography logos, LR presets and brushes, Photoshop brushes, marketing templates, Summerana Photography Magazine issues & more
You may cancel at anytime - There is no contract. Both options contain all past and new releases ever released.

Watch 18+ Summerana Resident Instructors from Around the World Edit

The following resident instructors and contributors are apart of our Summerana family (please note that not all of their tutorials are published yet but are coming soon!) and also keep an eye out as more join us in the future!

Shannon Squires Photography, Barbara Rusciano Photography, Djeirana Photography, Evelina Eve Photography, Sara Hunt Photography, Twig & Olive Photography, Monika Cioban Photography, Oh My Goddard Photography, Cream n Cocoa Photography, Jessica Vallia Photography, Opdahl Photography, Geniann Elliott Photography, Jillian Varnea Photography, Tracy Joy - Photographer, Magic Memories Photography, Sierra Pearl Photography, Deborah Koch Photography, Rachel Leah Photography, Water Bear Photography


Not only will we show you how to create masterpieces, but you'll also receive the Photoshop and Lightroom products used in each workshop to keep forever!

Includes downloadable premium products + new monthly releases:

FUN FACT: Almost all of our products have been named by our members!

Included are Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, Photoshop brushes, overlays, textures, marketing templates, studio logos, and so much more.

  • Pushing up Daisies Spring digital backgrounds
  • Summerana sky overlays and actions
  • Everyday workflow retouching essentials actions
  • Summerana skin retouching essentials actions 
  • Luminosity lights flare overlays and actions 
  • Sparkler & shimmer overlays and actions
  • Midnight fireworks overlays and actions 
  • Dancing stripes zebra overlays and actions 
  • Fairy dust brushes and actions
  • Chasing rainbows sky overlays and actions
  • Whimsical bubbles overlays and actions
  • Golden giraffes overlays actions 
  • Woodland feathers bird overlays and actions
  • Colors of the wind leaf overlays and actions 
  • Color me Fall Lightroom presets and adjustment brushes
  • Winter play snow overlays and actions
  • Velvet reindeer overlays and actions
  • ColorFall Fall colors actions
  • Briar patch bunny overlay actions 
  • Darling ducklings overlays and actions 
  • Butterfly whispers overlays and actions
  • Summerana sky builder cloud brushes and actions
  • Lion heart overlays and actions
  • Summerana smile essentials retouching actions
  • Floating petals red rose overlays and actions 
  • Floating petals cherry blossom overlays and actions
  • Back to school marketing templates
  • Camera swirl studio logo
  • DSLR heart studio logo
  • Family marketing templates
  • Hello Autumn marketing templates
  • It’s a girl baby announcement templates
  • It’s a boy baby announcement templates
  • Holiday minis marketing templates
  • Maternity marketing templates
  • Winter marketing templates
  • Arrow heart studio logo
  • Elegant capture studio logo
  • Agency model comp card templates
  • Model casting call marketing templates
  • Catwalk model comp card templates
  • Couples marketing templates
  • Mod triangles gift certificate templates
  • Pink dots gift certificate templates
  • Lantern love snow globe templates
  • Love me snow globe templates
  • Bell love snow globe templates
  • Christmas holly overlay and actions
  • Wreath marketing templates
  • Engagement rings marketing templates
  • Luck St. Patrick's day marketing templates
  • Winter word overlay and actions
  • Forest fawns deer overlays and actions
  • Gold confetti thank you templates 
  • Winter lights bokeh overlays and actions
  • December lights bokeh overlays and actions
  • Summerana eye essentials actions
  • Newborn word overlay and actions 
  • Fall word overlay and actions
  • Glamourana makeup and hair essentials actions
  • WinterizeMe snow brushes and actions
  • Colorosity Lights and flare actions
  • Celestial Bokeh brushes and actions
  • Summerana sand writer brushes and actions
  • Summerana skies skywriter brushes and actions
  • Sparkler & shine overlays and actions
  • 4th of July marketing templates
  • Sparkler & say overlays actions 
  • Chevron template and tape brushes and templates
  • Mood stone texture overlays and actions
  • After the storm rain texture overlays and actions
  • Luxe lace overlays and actions
  • Love bug snow globe templates
  • Candy hearts marketing templates
  • Valentine hearts marketing templates
  • LOVE Valentines day card templates
  • XOXO Valentines day card templates
  • Antique camera studio logo
  • Vintage brownie camera studio logo
  • Classic circle studio logo
  • Easter garden Easter holiday card templates
  • Easter morning Easter holiday card templates
  • Spring love birds marketing templates
  • Happy Mothers Day card templates
  • Mommy & me marketing templates
  • So SOOC before and after marketing templates
  • Ever after before and after marketing templates
  • Newborn garland marketing templates
  • Happy Father’s Day card templates
  • Daddy & me marketing templates
  • Berry love snow globe templates
  • Festive love snow globe templates
  • Snowflake love snow globe templates
  • Love bug snow Globe templates
  • Merry marketing Templates
  • Holiday marketing Templates
  • Snowdrop CD/DVD case and label templates
  • Holiday cheer word overlays and actions

Note: Some composite before and after images may have been further edited using hand edits or other elements from other vendors/photographers. Only the above products are included in this membership.


Instantly stream product tutorials & editing workshops + new monthly releases:

  • Watch Grace Pamela and Shannon Squires work on images from start to finish in our editing tutorials and workshops
  • Learn how to composite animals into your images
  • Learn how to cut your subjects professionally from one image and place them into a digital background.
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Learn how to change your image from Summer to Fall, Summer to Winter, etc.
  • Learn how to achieve creamy backgrounds
  • Hear about the obstacles we faced during the day of our shoots, and how we overcame them in post processing
  • Take the guesswork out of Lightroom and Photoshop and learn how to use the cloning tool, brushes, actions, overlays, frequency separation, liquify, selective color, blur, quick selection, color balance, levels, curves, gradient map and so much more
  • Learn how to swap heads/faces
  • Learn how to professional retouch your subject's eyes, skin, smile, makeup, hair & more
  • Learn how to do frequency separation professionally
  • Learn how to stitch together multiple images to create one masterpiece
  • Learn how you can take your image and turn it into a story that draws your viewers in
  • Learn how to get the dreamy, painterly effect in your images
  • Learn how to manipulate light
  • Learn how to create perfect toning and color in your images
  • Learn how to create magical scenes in post for your clients that are normally not safe in real life (such as sparklers and animals)
  • Learn photography business basics
  • Learn how to save overexposed and underexposed images


Read our International Photography Magazine inside your Membership

Our magazine provides photography and editing education, inspiration, and features photographers and photography vendors from around the world.





Images are courtesy of Summerana Photography, Shannon Squires Photography, Stephanie Ratto Photography, Samantha Boos Photography, Oh So Savvy Photography, Allie Borba Photography, 4forty4 Photography, Deborah Koch Photography, Leighann Credille Photography, Love Letter Photography, Aspen Pixels Photography, Sara Francoeur Photography, Theresa Woytek Photography, Trandafir Photography, Cici Loo Photography, Carlee Mark Photography, Rachel Baine, Ashley Easterling Photography, Crystal Marie Photography, Barsha B. Photography, Stephanie Henneman Photography, Sierra Pearl Photography, Shana C. Carter Photography, and Lindsey Lee Photography



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