Glamourana Makeup & Hair Essentials Photoshop Action Collection

With the Glamourana Collection you have the ability to either enhance, change, or add makeup, hair color, eye lashes, colored contacts and so much more!

Perfect for your models, boudoir clients, seniors, etc. The Glamourana Collection is your one stop action collection consisting of over 25 customizable Photoshop Actions.

Included in this collection is the following:

25 Layer Mask Actions including the following:
Hollywood White for a High Key/Fashion look, Matte Powder for oily skin, Foundation, Shimmer, Highlighter, Lip Color, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Change Lip Liner Color even if your subject is already wearing lip liner, Blush, Colored Contacts, Luxe Eye Shadow, Deep Luxe Eye Shadow for the perfect smokey-eyed look, Change Eye Shadow Color even if your subject is already wearing eyeshadow, Lush Lashes, either enhance your subject's lashes or add new ones!, Luxe Eye Liner, Change Eye Liner Color, Fill in Eyebrows, Nail Color, Hair Color, Touch up Light Roots, perfect for the blonde peeking through! , Touch up Dark Roots, perfect for your subject's dark roots she didn't have time to touch up!, Lighten Makeup and Hair, Darken Makeup and Hair, Makeup and Hair Color Boost, and 9 Photoshop Tools including web resizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow