Summerana Eye Essentials Photoshop Action Collection

EYES - They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, don't let dull, lifeless eyes ruin that perfect shot.

Summerana Eye Essential Actions are a complete customizable collection that will save you time, save your images and add some sparkle back to your eyes! Plus they come with a FREE tutorial to take away any editing guess work!

You can create fabulous eyes when you use the Summerana Eye Essentials Action Collection!

With this action collection you'll have the ability to professionally enhance your subjects eyes with latest retouching Photoshop technology.

Capture the true depth and showcase bright real life eyes with the 22 amazing and essential eye layer masks, plus 10 helping tools to speed up your workflow even further.

You'll have the ability to easily brighten your eyes, open shadows, banish red eyes, reduce eye glass glare, add custom catchlights to those without any or boost those that are already there.

You can say goodbye to wrinkles, lighten under eye circles, remove debris (dirt, veins, etc.). You can even enhance your subjects eyes to even them out or just to make them pop!

Images are courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography, L.M. Pixel Perfect Photography, Sarah Kern Photography, Katie Rose Photography, Heather Wilson Photography, Tracy Joy Photography