Everyday Workflow Essentials – Photoshop Action Collection

Everything you need for the perfect daily workflow is all wrapped up for you in one place in the Everyday Workflow Essentials - Photoshop Action Collection


With this all inclusive Photoshop action collection you'll have the ability to professionally edit your images entirely from start to finish with latest retouching Photoshop technology.

Enjoy 95+ essential Photoshop editing actions and plenty of helping tools to speed up your workflow to help keep your editing effective and consistent. You'll have the ability to edit your image from raw to final, with Photoshop actions that hunkers down on fixing your exposure, frequency separation, contrast, white balance, color, retouching skin, eyes, makeup, hair and more. You'll also be able to add sharpening, realistic lens blur (varying levels for different effects) tilt shift blur, and add final touches like sun flare and a deep matte.

Included in this collection are Adjustable Editing Actions which include the following:

  • 2 Quick Essentials Photoshop Actions: Want to have an even faster editing workflow? We know how busy you are! Included in this collection are Quick Base Workflow and Quick Retouch Workflow.
  • 19 Exposure Essentials Photoshop Actions: Included are Raw Essentials, Histogram Fix, Evenly, Natural Light, Brush On - Natural Light, Dark Overcast, Brush On - Dark Overcast, Reflector, Brush On - Reflector, Recover Highlights, Brush On - Recover Highlights, Luminance, Remove Haze, Light Guide, Highlight Details, Darken Details, Everyday Dodging, Everyday Burning, Brush On - Dodging and Burning
  • 6 Contrast Essentials Actions: Everyday Contrast, On Track Contrast, Add Depth, Brush On - Add Depth, Lush Depth, and Brush On - Lush Depth
  • 17 White Balance Essentials Photoshop Actions: Brush On - Color Cast Remover, Neutralize Reds, Brush On - Neutralize Reds, Red Color Blender, Neutralize Yellows, Brush On - Neutralize Yellows, Yellow Color Blender, Neutralize Blues, Brush On - Neutralize Blues, Blue Color Blender, Cyan Color Blender, Neutralize Purples, Brush On - Neutralize Purples, Magenta Color Blender, Neutralize Greens, Brush On - Neutralize Greens, and Green Color Blender (Note: The Color Blenders are not included in PSE 11-14 as the software is not compatible).
  • 12 Color Essentials Photoshop Actions: Remove Chromatic Aberration, Maximize Color, Brush On - Maximize Color, Everyday Warmth, Brush On - Every Day Warmth, Rich Warmth, Brush On - Rich Warmth, Everyday Cool, Brush On - Everyday Cool, Golden Warmth, Brush On - Golden Warmth, and Saturation Checker and Toner (Note: The Saturation Check and Toner is not included for PSE 11-14)
  • 16 Essential Retouch Photoshop Actions: Diminish Flaws (uses advanced separation frequency tools to preserve texture), Skin Soft (adjustable for every skin tone), Perfect Porcelain, Eliminate Oily Skin, Even Skin Tones, Highlight & Contour, Eye Awakening, Lighten Under Eye Circles, Whiten Eyes, Iris Pop, Define Eyebrows, Create Custom Catchlights, Boost Catchlights, Whiten Teeth, Rosy Cheeks and Lips, Boost Makeup, Eye, Lip and Hair Color
  • 8 Sharpening/Blur Photoshop Actions: Lift The Noise, Sharpening Delight, Detail Clarity, Deep Lush, Soft Blur, Creamy Lens Blur, Tilt Shift Blur (Note: The Tilt Shift Blur is not included in PSE 11-14 as the software is not compatible), Deep Blur
  • 8 Light Essentials Photoshop Actions: Soft Spotlight, Sun Flare - Apply Sun Flare, Sun Flare - Resize/Rotate Sun Flare, Sun Flare - Change Sun Flare Perspective, Sun Flare - Deep Sun Flare, Sun Flare - Change Sun Flare Color, Sun Flare - Add More Sun Flare Color, Soft Sun Light
  • 7 Artistic Essentials Photoshop Actions: Add final artistic finishes to your photos with actions like Artistic Matte, Brush On - Artistic Matte, Velvet Vignette, Brush On - Velvet Vignette, Soft Haze, Brush On - Soft Haze, and Modest Silver
  • Tools: Helping Photoshop actions including resizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow


Each action is completely customizable as there is no one size fits all. You will have the ability to adjust the opacity of each effect, read instructions, turn on/off effects, and some you will be able to choose to apply the effect over your entire image (and brush off certain areas), or you may choose to only have even more power over your edits by applying your effects on only certain areas with the Brush On Photoshop actions.

Display product images are courtesy of: Summerana Photography, Shannon Squires Photography, Lindsey Lee Photography, Allie Borba Photography, Stephanie Ratto Photography, Oh So Savvy Photography, Danielle Sullivan Photography, and Aspen Pixels Photography