Celestial Bokeh - Brush and Action Collection

Get Bokeh-licious images with the swipe of a brush and the press of an action!

Use easy features such as the one-click Bokeh set-up overlay, and the yummy Bokeh Blur. This collection is so easy and fun you'll be grabbing all of your old and new images and making them Celestial and Bokeh-licious!

This collection includes the following:

  • 20 Photoshop bokeh brushes, all continuous. Celestial brushes include, Orion, Orion Scattered, Stella, Stella Scattered, Tuwa, Tuwa Scattered, Kira, Kira Scattered, Sola, Sola Scattered, Vega, Vega Scattered, Indus, Indus Scattered, Luna, Luna Scattered, Terra, Terra Scattered, Zora and Zora Scattered. 10 total bokeh shapes, and 10 total bokeh scattered shapes
  • 3 Bokeh Photoshop editing actions which creates your overlay layer to put your bokeh on, a layer mask for easy erasing, and yummy bokeh blur
  • Also included are Photoshop helping tool actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow.

This collection is compatible with Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC+ and Photoshop Elements 11-18+

Display product images are courtesy of: Lindsey Lee Photography and Susan Hamel Images