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Summerana Magazine | March 2020 Issue

Summerana Magazine was created for the creative photographer with the intent to provide photography and editing education as well as to feature influential photographers, vendors, and creatives from around the world. 

Some topics/features covered include:

  • 5 steps for launching your photography business
  • How to make the most of your spring photography sessions
  • Cover photographer interview with Water Bear Photography
  • Behind the scenes on birth stories
  • The exposure triangle: Aperture
  • Grayscale personal branding inspiration
  • Featured Summerana Member of the month
  • Top Summerana photographers of the month
  • Step outside the comfort zone: a personal project
  • Interview with Summerana resident instructor Barbara Rusciano
  • Top Summerana models of the month
  • The Reset conference speaker interview with Pamela Salai
  • Style inspiration for your next photography session


Some contributors/features for this issue include:

  • Water Bear Photography
  • Monika Cioban Photography
  • Rhiannon D'Averc
  • Barbara Rusciano Photography
  • Pamela Salai Photography
  • Allie Cline Photography
  • First Glantz Photography
  • Jillian Varnea Photography
  • Amber Tiffany Photography
  • MJCollins Photography
  • Alicja Lelonek-Ball - Fotografia
  • Ashley Patty Productions
  • Holly Lund Imagery
  • Captured by Cally
  • Kendra Blattner Photography
  • Savannah Marie Photography
  • ADM Photography
  • Paige Maiden Photography
  • Amoree Celeste Photography
  • Sarah Kern Photography
  • Alicia Biddle Photography
  • Stephanie Henneman Photography


Included is the following:

  • 1 high quality PDF digital issue available for download
  • Flip magazine to view inside the library

You can also purchase the print version separately below (the print version also comes with the digital version - please note that only the above digital version and pdf download is included with this purchase, the print is a separate purchase below): 


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