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Summerana Sand Writer - Brush and Action Collection

With the Summerana Sand Writer Brush and Action Collection you'll have a blast drawing anything you can dream up in the sand or dirt!

Not only can you free-hand your drawings/writings, you can also turn text and fun dingbats into sand writing with a one-click action.

Maybe you'll want to draw sandcastles in the sand or X's and O's in the dirt, the possibilities are endless! 

Included in this collection are the following:

  • A Sand Writer Brush (must be used with applicator layer)
  • 7 total Sand Writer Photoshop editing actions including a quick and easy Sand Writer brush applicator action, a flawless Sand Writer text applicator action, if you don't feel like drawing, turn text or fun dingbats into sand drawings! 5 Sand Writing editing actions including actions that change your sand writing's perspective, scatter your sand, and dig a little deeper.
  • Also included are Photoshop helping tool actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow.

This collection is compatible with Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC+ and Photoshop Elements 11-18+

Display product images are courtesy of: Lindsey Lee Photography


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