Rembrandt - Old Masters Studio Digital Background Collection

Step up your fine art studio photography with 40+ hand painted old masters digital backgrounds plus an editing workshop that shows you everything you need to know on how to cut your subjects out and place them into your backgrounds.

You'll learn how to make a digital backdrop look like a real studio setting by creating a floor and adjusting lighting, properly cut out your subject from the original image, realistically size and place your subject into your digital backdrop, blend your subject in seamlessly by adding light and shadows, add texture to your background, adjust the toning, smooth and add warmth to your subjects skin , sharpen to enhance details and more all through hand editing.


Included in this collection are the following:

  • 46 high quality JPG studio digital digital backgrounds
  • 1 digital background editing workshop video

^ - Editing workshop video tutorial included. 

Images are courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography, L. Wink Photography, Peanut & Pip Photography, & Monika Cioban Photography