Summerana Smile Essentials Photoshop Action Collection

Get dazzling smiles with the Summerana Smile Essentials – Photoshop Action Collection!

Sparkling smiles & beautifully tones, all begin right here! In just a few easy steps with our Smile Essential action set, you'll make your clients smile from ear to ear (quit literally!). 

With this action collection you'll have the ability to professionally enhance your subjects smile with latest retouching Photoshop technology.

Enjoy 16 essential smile layer mask actions and plenty of helping tools to speed up your workflow even further. You’ll have the ability to easily whiten and brighten your teeth, open shadows, floss, flawlessly remove all blemishes, soften lips (lip balm), add a lip pop, more color, and more.

You can say goodbye to chapped lips, yellow teeth, cavities, wrinkles and hair around the mouth, lipstick stains, and other blemishes. You can even enhance your subjects lips make them pop!


Each action is completely customizable as there is no one size fits all and if you are in a time crunch, simply play the ‘Don’t be Late Smile Essentials’ action for even faster results!