Summerana Magazine | August 2019 | The Anniversary Issue

Summerana Magazine was created for the creative photographer with the intent to provide photography and editing education as well as to feature influential photographers, vendors, and creatives from around the world. 

This issue is a special anniversary issue as the Summerana Magazine has reached a full year in print! We have featured so many talented photographers in the past year and it has been such a blast. 

In past issues we have chosen 10 top photographers per issue. This anniversary issue will feature 50 "the best of the best" of those photographers from the last year. 


Some features for this issue include:

  • Ania Kulinski Photography
  • Shannon Squires Photography
  • Masquer8 Photography
  • Shana C. Carter Photography
  • Deborah Koch Photography
  • Karin Sanders Photography
  • Sara Hunt Photography
  • Nellie Bea Photography
  • Autumn Love Photography
  • Olga Gridina Photography
  • Regina Moneypenny Photography
  • Moments Kept Photography
  • Tracy Joy Photography
  • K. Clowers Photography
  • Sierra Pearl Photography
  • Agems Photography
  • Feather and Moss Photography
  • BGH Photography
  • Shayre Rivotto Photography
  • Barely Blushed Photography
  • Sara Francoeur Photography
  • Stacy Robeson Photography
  • Trandafir Photography
  • Rachel Opdahl Photography
  • Cindy Arthur Photography
  • KM Ivelisse Photography
  • Susan Hamel Images
  • Danielle Sullivan Photography
  • Valerie Kay Photography
  • Stephanie Henneman Photography
  • Imago Dei Photography
  • Alexa Machado Photography
  • Geniann Elliott Photography
  • Olguta Goddard Photography
  • Kara Taylor Photography
  • Aven Willow Studios
  • C&C Photography
  • Beatriz Oliveira Fotografia
  • Truly Sublime Photography
  • Shooting Star Photography
  • Elena Gonzalez Photography
  • Jenna Elizabeth Studios
  • Maribella Portraits
  • Gidde Yup Images
  • Abigail Paige Photography
  • Lainey Lou Photography
  • Daisies & Clovers Photography
  • Catherine Tapper Photography
  • Jolene Haas Photography
  • Christine Noelle Photography
  • Stephanie Ratto Photography


Included is the following:

  • 1 high quality PDF August 2019 "Anniversary" digital issue available for download
  • Flip magazine to view inside the library

You can also purchase the print version separately below (the print version also comes with the digital version - please note that only the above digital version and pdf download is included with this purchase, the print is a separate purchase below):