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Hi there!
My name is Holly Lund & I am a Jersey Shore girl. *sigh* Not like the show. I'm a local, aka I grew up getting on the "beach bus" everyday, slept with sand in my bed & still wear flip flops 10 months of the year. And no, I have never pumped my own gas.

I am a born creative. I grew up dancing - from the time I got out of diapers all the way through college. I was pre-professional & truly thought my path in life was to be a dancer. (My knees had other plans.) I began photographing my fellow dancers in high school & my love for photography was born. I dabbled on & off as a hobbyist for many years before finally opening my business in 2018.

I'm a big fat history nerd & have an insane passion for art history, mainly women artists & depictions of women.

Fun fact: my thesis was on the portraits of Marie Antoinette, as well as her choice of portraitist Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun. I love blending the old & new, as well as capturing the unique personalities of my subjects to convey stories. I am also not shy about my daily struggles with anxiety & depression. My photography is my main outlet & you'll often see manifestations of it in my work.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge & techniques with you so you may elevate your artistry & tell your unique story. I am so proud to be part of Team Summerana & this amazing community of artists!


BODY: Canon 5D Mark IV
LENS: Tamron 35mm 1.8, Sigma 105mm Art 1.4, Sigma 135mm Art 1.8
OTHER: AlienBee 400, 5ft octa, 30x60 softbox, 10x36 stripbox



Holly is an award winning & published photographer. Some of her acknowledgements are:

NAPCP - Merit Winning Photographer
WPE - Expert Photographer
NPS - Highly Commended
35awards - Top 10 USA 2019

Learn how to create storytelling masterpieces:

Holly is one of our resident instructors for editing workshops.

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