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"Hi there! I'm Rachel Opdahl. My passion for photography began when I was living overseas in a beautiful little country called Denmark. The thatch-roof cottages and awe-inspiring castles quickly caught my heart as I lived among the people there for almost 2 years. My ancestors surely loved it there, as I did. I grew to even love the language as it is music to my ears now.

But, now all I have to remember that short time in my life are the photographs I managed to get. So, the importance of preserving our memories was burnt into my soul as I pursued a Bachelor's in Fine Art and Photography. My studies didn't stop there though, because as many of you know, photography is constantly changing. The dark-room was replaced with the digital era and I couldn't be happier! I owned the very first Canon Digital Rebel ya'll! It got me through college and the beginning of my career.

I have dabbled with many types of portraits, including Weddings, Families, Children, Seniors, Pets, you name it. But, currently I seem to focus on Fine-Art and Couture Photography.

As a professional photographer, off and on, for 15+ years, I get most out of my love for photography though the fact that I can take these skills, which I have honed and practiced for years, and use them to capture the most wonderful moments of my very own children and loved ones. That is the best feeling ever. I remember how good it felt the first time I realized that I could pretty much produce anything I wanted, any vision I had in my head, if I kept practicing.

I have so much more to learn though, admittedly, and am constantly trying new things and trying to better my craft. I'm pretty sure I still learn something just about every-time I shoot. I love to teach and help others achieve their dreams as well. I am an open book and want to see you grow too! Come visit me and our West Coast beaches in Oregon anytime!"


Rachel shoots with:

Canon R5 Mirrorless

For many of my outdoor dreamy soft portraits: Canon 200mm f2, or Sigma art 135mm f1.8.

I also occasionally use my 85mm and 50mm. I love my Canon 11-24mm 1.4L.

For studio, I primarily use my 50mm and 85mm.




Awarded 2020 Master Photographer with Portrait Masters.

From The Portrait Masters I also received several Silver and Bronze awards including 2 awards in the Top 20 overall!

I have features in various couture, portrait, and wedding magazines over the last 10 years, including several Cover Images. Summerana Magazine has included me in their top 50 Photographers for 2019 & 2020. I have only recently started to enter my work for awards and accreditation and am excited to see the results as I continue to do so.

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Rachel is one of our resident instructors for editing workshops & tutorials.

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