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How to unzip my files? How to access products?
Are there video tutorials on using products?

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Please scroll below for a list of different frequently asked questions. Whether it's about accessing your zip file, where to find video tutorials, or regular membership questions, we try our best to give you clear and concise answers! 

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Membership FAQ's.

Our members are like family and we take your happiness with all sincerity. Here are some helpful answers to common questions.

Need help unzipping your product downloads? 

We are here to help! Please use the FAQ's below to answer the most common zip file issues. 

How can I add images to my templates?

In our Product Catalog, you can find our HELPER ACTIONS. They were created to make adding images easier and faster! View the video tutorial here to learn how it works.

Helper actions are just that... there to help you create the images you desire with easy and quick tools.


Product FAQ's.

Ready to use your products, but having an issue? Let us help guide you below.

Where can I find my product's video tutorials?


Within our Course Modules, you can easy access a plethora of tutorials explaining how to use your specific overlay, background and such.

At Summerana, we care deeply about not only giving you amazing products, but also showing you how to seamlessly use them. 

We are continually adding new video workshops and tutorials to help you grow, learn and be inspired!

Video FAQ's.

Looking for video tutorials or having issues accessing them? We have you covered. Here are some frequently asked questions.

"How do I make the screen bigger?" 
"How can I adjust the volume?" 
"Is there a way to select viewing quality?" 

YES! Please watch the quick video below, and we will explain it all. 


Software Issues.

We are here to help! Please use the FAQ's below to answer the most common zip file issues. 

Learn, Create, Repeat!

With thousands of products in our membership, our hope is that each and every member will be inspired to create their own beautiful work... over and over again.
Our catalog of products grows every month. Adding in new products, videos and so much more - geared towards photographers of ALL levels!

Our membership is about quality, quantity and creativity! 


At Summerana, we take our membership and all of our products within it very seriously. We stive to give you all of the photography needs, education and support needed to help your own creativity flourish!

Summerana was built out of a dream to give photographers worldwide affordable access to products and tutorials that will encourage them to create, be inspired and thrive - no matter the level or genre of photographer.

From my family to yours, we thank you for being a Summerana member... and part of our extended family.

~Grace Pamela and family


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